Five Primary Categories of Skin Care Products Explained

For most people, taking care of the skin sounds simple. They believe washing daily with soap and water is enough to keep the skin blemish-free. But in truth, the skin requires more attention. 

Everyone must practice the proper skincare routine using products that suit their needs. However, it is best to understand the skincare product categories before shopping. 

What are the Basic Categories of Skin Care? 

Skin care products are divided into different categories, depending on their function.  

Here are the five basic categories of skincare everyone must focus on.


The first step in every skincare routine is cleansing the skin. After all, neglecting to clean your skin could cause a lot of problems. 

There are several rules to keep in mind when using cleansers. It includes: 

  • Use a gentle cleanser with warm water 
  • Avoid cleansing your skin more than twice every day
  • Veer away from using abrasive cleansing scrubs and other devices

Ideally, people must gently apply their chosen cleansers in a circular pattern using their fingers. This helps remove dirt and grime thoroughly without too much force. 


These products aim to enhance the skin’s texture by stripping the dull layer to reveal a smoother and younger skin. 

Using exfoliators also allow your skin to absorb other skincare products and cosmetics better. Just keep in mind to limit using these products to at least once or twice per week. 


It is the best skincare product to apply after cleansing and before using moisturisers. Its primary purpose is to deliver nutrients to the skin to enhance its appearance. 

It is ideal to purchase medical grade skincare products like serums from trusted brands like SkinGen

Since it comes with active ingredients like vitamins and antioxidants, investing in high-quality products would ensure that it will work well on the skin. 

Moisturisers with SPF 

Cleansing and exfoliating will strip off moisture in the skin. Applying these potent moisturisers will keep the skin looking soft and supple. 

There are also several rules to remember when moisturising the skin: 

  • Generously apply moisturising oils, creams, or ointments on the skin after bathing while the skin remains slightly damp to seal the moisture. 
  • Apply moisturisers twice daily - in the morning and before bed. It will ensure that the skin’s moisture content will stay the same all day. 

It is also ideal to use a gentle patting movement when applying this product for better absorption. 

In addition, putting on moisturisers with SPF is the perfect protection from the sun’s UV rays. 

Anti-Ageing Products 

This category includes night creams and other formulas created to fight the signs of skin ageing.

Anti-ageing products help trigger the growth of new skin cells for plumper, younger-looking skin. 

There are plenty of anti-ageing products labelled as medical grade skincare in Australia. You only need to look for brands that cater to every skin type. 

This will ensure that it provides the much-needed treatment to prevent fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation.  

What are the Different Skin Types 

The American Academy of Dermatology listed the five different skin types, such as: 

  • Normal Skin - It is the ideal type of skin. You will notice people with healthy normal skin have fine pores and smooth texture.
  • Dry Skin - It produces fewer levels of sebum than normal skin. Thus, it requires active skin care products with more moisture content.
  • Oily Skin - It is the opposite of dry skin since it overproduces sebum due to different conditions. Since this skin is more prone to acne, it requires skincare products to prevent breakouts.
  • Combination Skin - Some areas of the skin are dry, while the other portions are oily. It usually manifests in the face’s T-zone, where the forehead, nose, and chin areas are oily while the rest are dry.
  • Sensitive Skin - Those with this skin type have higher risks of adverse reactions or inflammation. It would be best to recommend gentle skincare products for people with this skin type. 

How to Pick Skin Care Products According to Skin Type 

Several things to consider when choosing the right skin care product for the skin type include: 

  • Active Ingredients - It would be best to check the product labels first to prevent breakouts and other adverse reactions. 

It will help you determine if there are fragrances and other preservatives that can irritate the skin, especially those with sensitive skin.

  • Lifestyle - A person’s habits determine how their skin looks. 

People with active skin tend to be under the sun most of the time, putting them at risk for sun damage. 

Investing in skincare products with high levels of SPF could help take care of their complexion.

  • Reviews - Always make it a habit to read customers’ reviews and feedback online to know how the products work. It will also help you determine how it works for your skin condition.  

The Bottomline 

There are different products involved in a complete skincare routine. These products have their own function, so including them in your skincare tools is necessary. 

Always make it a point to buy from reputable skincare brands to be sure of its quality.