What Goes Inside

Dr. Slavica Siler Marinkovic Ph.D in Chemistry and Chemical Technology, has been producing bioactive and professional cosmetics for face and body care for over 10 years.

The formulations of all preparations are very modern and scientifically tested, most of them being the result of their research work, while some are based on the latest knowledge in the field of cosmetology.

Dr. Salvica is engaged in the research of phospholipids, their modification and application of the production of liposomes. She has managed to produce liposomes from soy phospholipids encapsulated with vitamins, herbal extracts, yeast extracts and essential oils and their use in pharmacy and cosmetics.

Selection Of Ingredients

Each ingredient is researched and effective active principles are chosen and the amount of additives is minimal. The products are manufactured in laboratory batches, which allows great flexibility and ensures the freshness of the product and the full activity of bioactive substances. Wide spectre of products made for both professional and individual use, based on liposomes, caviar extract, Hyaluronic acids, algae, essential oils, plant extract, derivatives of yeast and other components.


We are proud to say that SkinGen is never been tested on animals, and have never asked any other companies to test on our behalf. We understand that consumers do not want animal testing and we care about consumers and animals.


We understand that some of the customers will have allergies which they need to look out for. Some of our products contain nuts and fragrances and we highly recommend checking the ingredients on our products page.


Liposomes - Protective spheres that have the ability to transport active ingredients into the skin. This method of adding active substances into liposomes, and adding them to cosmetic products, ensures that the effect and the strength of the substance is much greater.