5 Products you need in your clinic during the winter months

Summer is almost over and while it has been a very hot and dry summer, you need to start thinking about winter. In particular, you need to start thinking about how people's skin changes in the winter months due to diet, weather, stress, and other chemical imbalances and as a skin consultant what you can do to help remedy their winter skin impurities. 

At SkinGen we understand the skin and how it reacts in different temperatures and different environments, thus as the experts of skincare here are five products you must-have for your clients to help with their impurities this winter. 

1.Gel face cleanser

This Gel Face Cleanser is both oil balancing and hydrating for the skin helping clients that have been exposed to the harsh sunlight. As a cleanser, it deeply cleans your skin removing acne-causing bacteria and dirt from the surface levels. Additionally, this Gel Face Cleanser has been designed to replenish the skin with hydrating molecules to make sure that your clients' skin feels brand new. 

2. AHA 10 Tonic

AHA is more important during the wintertime because it is water-soluble and primarily helps the surface levels of the skin, which have been the most exposed to harsh UV rays during the summer. This AHA 10 Tonic is made up of 10% AHA and will exfoliate and refresh your clients' skin, making it look clearer and less pigmented. Additionally, SkinGen’s AHA 10 Tonic moisturises the skin and helps even the texture of the skin over a period of time, making your clients skin smoother and more hydrated by sight and by touch.

3. Retinol Cream

It is always good to have Retinol Cream in your clinic because clients experience acne and skin damage in a variety of ways. Retinol cream is particularly important in the winter because it can help repair your clients’ skin and reverse the effects of overexposure and damage from the sun. Retinol Cream is one of the few OTC products that your clients can purchase that stimulates blood flow and produces collagen, which encourages the skin cell regeneration process. After using retinol cream your clients will find that their skin blemishes and pigmentations have been significantly reduced and that the overall texture of their skin has improved giving them a slightly younger look. 

4. Rebalancing Mask 

It is always great to have clay masks in your clinic as they are a great tool for first-time clients and are one of the best products for helping achieve clearer skin. A Rebalancing Mask as the name suggests rebalances the pH in your skin to help lift impurities and unclog pores using its natural clay minerals. This mask is perfect for the wintertime as professionals often see an increase in clients who have oily skin due to change in diet and increased exposure to humidified heaters. However, this mask is also great for clients that have pigmentation issues and cases of severe acne that do not want to undergo laser treatments. 

5. C Serum 

C Serum should be a household product for clinics, particularly beauty clinics, as it is a particularly wonderful product. C Serum is Vitamin C and a Phyto whitening complex designed to hydrate and nourished dry and tired skin. This product has results almost immediately with skin appearing brighter and softer after a short term use. It is perfect for beauty and skincare clinics in winter months because C Serum also helps reduces pigmentation in the skin particularly surrounding the eyes, thus consultants can suggest this product to people who have big events approaching such as weddings and formals. 

So with winter approaching if you don’t have some or all of these products in stock at your clinic, check out SkinGen’s online store and make sure to stock up before the rush!