Hair Regeneration Class

Hair Regeneration Master Class Agenda

Introduction (10 minutes)

  • Welcome and Intro 
  • Brief Introduction to the Importance of Hair Health
  • Overview of the Master Class Objectives
Session 1: Consulation Forms (15 minutes)

Session 2: Common Causes of Hair Loss (30 minutes)

  • Identifying and Understanding Different Types of Hair Loss
  • Genetic Factors, Hormonal Changes, Diet, and Lifestyle
  • The Impact of Stress on Hair Health

Session 3: Understanding Hair Anatomy and Growth Cycle (15 minutes)

  • Overview of Hair Structure
  • Explanation of Hair Growth Phases
  • Factors Affecting Hair Growth
  • Patient Selection
Session 4: Contraindications (15 minutes)
  • Micro-needling & LED

Session 5: Breakthroughs in Hair Regeneration (40 minutes)

  • Micro-needling and its effects on Hair growth
  • Scientific Studies
  • LED and Hair Regeneration

Session 6Recommended Haircare Products and Ingredients (20 minutes)

  • HMPF 

Session 7: Practical Tips for Hair Regeneration (30 minutes)

  • Demonstrations of Micro-needling  and Treatments
  • Post Care 
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