Intimate Whitening Treatment

Description: A treatment specially developed for the brightening and lightening of intimate body parts, giving it a uniform tone. Its active ingredients help to correct excess pigmentation caused by hormones, tanning or hair removal. Suitable for women and men.

Main Characteristics & Effects: It will promote a skin cleansing and lightening; restoration of the metabolism as also activate the microcirculation in tissues area. Can be used on armpit, perianal, anal, vaginal area, inner thighs, areolas. 

Recommended: Pigmentation, whitening, revitalization

1 Pack Includes: 1 x whitening intimate cream (15ml), 1 x mandalic acid (5ml)

1 x post-peeling (50ml)1 x GSH acid (5ml)

* Intimate Whitening Treatment- MCCOSMETICS by SkinGen

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