How to Work Wonders on the Dry Winter Skin?

Skincare tips for plump and healthy skin

Winters come and go and so does the soft, suppleness of your skin! While there’s nothing better than a healthy, summer glow, the same can’t be said for the winters which is mostly occupied with dry, flaking, dulling skin! But why give in to the bone-biting winter chills when you can nourish and rejuvenate your skin and retain your natural moisture while doing so!

Our SkinGen expert’s have come up with 3 essential winter skincare tips to make sure your winter skin stays as glowy as the summer sun!

Hydration is Crucial There’s no such thing as too much hydration! You and your winter skin both need a healthy amount of hydration to remain soft, supple AND most importantly, dry skin-free throughout the cracking winters! If you want healthy skin from the core, you would need your hydration to work from a cellular level- exactly why we believe our Hyaluronic Serum would be a perfect source of not just moisturization but nourishment too for the withering winter skin.

So is Cleansing While hydration works on the cellular level, your skin on the outside may still appear gloomy due to the dry, dead skin cells crowding on the topmost layer of your skin! While our serum works on your nourishing and hydrating your skin, an added layer of moisturization can work wonders for your skin! Now, we know cleansing your winter skin can be a risk in itself considering all the dryness, and that’s why we have created this unique Herbal Face Milk that soothes and moisturizes your skin alongside cleaning it.

Too Tan or a Healthy Glow? Forget about the myth that sun damage can only occur during the sweltering summers! Winter skin exposed to the harmful UV rays are just as dangerous as the summer sun! But that shouldn’t stop you from living your life to the fullest! Before you head out the door, don’t forget to layer yourself up with this all-season UV Sun Protection Cream.

Equipped with the right skincare treatment by your side, you can now let your winter skin breathe and plump up without having to worry about the drying, damaging effects of the chilly season!