Say Goodbye to Pigmentation For Good

There are some skin problems that refuse to leave your side. While sun tan and acne caused by dust and pollution is quite common amongst us busty bees problems like adult acne, excessive sebum production, and most importantly pigmentation are stubborn problems that stick with us for a long time! Now if you’ve been suffering from pigmentation or hyperpigmentation, you are not new to skin treatments. From OTCs to home remedies, you must have tried it all. But, what if we told you cosmetics are not enough to drive your pigmentation away! What you need right now is a medico-cosmetic solution that not just treats your pigmentation but your skin too! We are talking youthful glow, a smooth texture, and spotless skin too.

Now medico-cosmetic treatments often infuse all-natural ingredients backed by advanced technologies that can help you turn your pigmentation around. SkinGen, our revolutionary skincare brand has opened up a wholesome experience for people suffering from pigmentation and it all comes down to 2 power-packed serums

AHA 20 Skin Serum

Featuring a powerful blend of fruit acids, the AHA 20 skin serum is known for its deep cleansing properties. From exfoliating your skin to stimulating collagen production, this serum will be your perfect weapon to combat wrinkles, scards, and let’s not forget the most important bit- pigmentation. In fact, this herbal face tonic is perfect for you if you like your skin flawless and wrinkle-free.

C-Peptide Serum

Imagine the goodness of green pea, vitamin C, and soy protein infused with bioactive peptides working its miracle on your skin. This vitamin C serum is known for its revitalizing effects that not only reduces pigmentation but diminishes signs of aging too! From minimising hyperpigmentation to even addressing issues like melasma, this whitening and brightening elixir would be a perfect match for you!

Now we move on to the question you’ve been wondering. Which product would best suit your need and how much would it cost you! Is there anything else apart from these serums that can help? We have all your answers right here in our Hyperpigmentation collection We have cleansers, masks, face milk, and more waiting for you to explore.