Discover a New You With SkinGen

Gone are the days when rediscovering yourself meant going under the knife or undergoing painful procedures like botox or fillers. The women of today, like to keep it real and so do we. In the quest for perfection, we are no longer looking at invasive procedures but rather non-invasive skin treatments that blend cosmetic, aesthetic, and science together. We are talking about none other than the booming industry of medico cosmetics.

One of the primary concerns that bother us is excessive body fat and degrading skin health. The busy schedules and rise in pollution do little to help. At a time like this, let us show you how two of our pioneering medico-cosmetic products can help you rediscover yourself, without you having to undergo expensive, risk-taking cosmetic procedures.

Slimming Gel

Sometimes, stubborn body fat simply refuses to leave your side, no matter how much you indulge in workouts and diets. For moments like this, instead of giving your body fat the winning trophy, what we can do is opt for a rather unconventional, yet 100% effective way of fat loss! SkinGen has formulated a revolutionary product called the Slimming Gel that works on the cellular levels melting away fatty deposits and detoxifying your tissues at the same time.


Imagine changing your skin’s texture and appearance overnight with just one miracle product by your bedside table! We are talking about the rejuvenation powerhouse, our AHA skincare peeling solution that exfoliates your skin like no other. The best part about this peel is that it is infused with the goodness of fruit acids that nourishes your skin back to health while the serum deep cleanses, exfoliates and stimulates collagen synthesis to give you a brighter, younger, and better you!

Look Better. Feel Better

We all know how our appearance impacts the way we feel. Bad hair days come with irritation and bad skin health comes with frustration. At a time when multiple cosmetic companies are fighting for prominence, why not give medico-cosmetic the benefit of the doubt and let our revolutionary products like the Slimming Gel or the Argipeel take care of you in the most medically-backed aesthetic manner. At SkinGen, we are proud of our medico-cosmetic collection and we want you to join this holistic journey with us.