Turn The Years Back On Your Skin With Anti-Ageing Solutions That Actually Work

Nothing says youthful glow better than bright, vibrant skin! Imagine regaining the taut, plump bounce in your skin that makes you feel like you’re 25 again! With the ongoing pollution levels soaring rapidly, retaining the natural glow of your skin becomes harder and harder! The ever- advancing cosmetic industry does little to help! Even though you’ll find thousands of brands selling anti-ageing miracles, if you probe deep down, you’ll realize only a few actually work!

Now while chemical-based cosmetics can help reduce fine lines and crow’s feet, it can also cause irreparable damage to your tender skin with years of usage! Maybe this is why we at SkinGen have put our blind trust in medico-cosmetic peeling cream and retinol cream- the two miracle elixirs that blend the best of medical science, advanced technology, and modern-day cosmetic aesthetics together. The result? Not only will your skin look healthy from the outside, but also give your skin that natural touch of youthfulness that we so crave for today!

Let us break down how our Peeling and Retinol cream works to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay!

Peeling Cream

Nothing says youthful glow better than a good scrub, especially when it has almond beads and all-natural lavender oil infused in it! The Peeling Cream is mild on your skin and tough on your dead skins which means the topmost dermal layer containing dirt, impurities, and sebum will be scrubbed away, neat and clean revealing a brighter, exfoliated you! The goodness of almond and lavender soothes the skin while moisturizing it, making this a perfect before the bed routine for your skin!


Retinol Cream

An intense experience like never before, the Retinol Cream comes packed with liposomes that enhances the firmness and tautness of your skin making it plump and bouncy! Retinol encapsulated with the liposomes works on the cellular level, rejuvenating the old, dulled out cells which means you’ll not only reduce fine lines but also re-energize your cells from within.

Cosmetics That Care for Your Skin

Medico cosmetics have changed the beauty, wellness and cosmetic industry with its revolutionary formulas that come with action-packed technology and science that probes deep into the core problem rather than eliminating problems from the surface level! Want to know more about our extensive range of medico cosmetic products? Simply visit SkinGen’s official website!